Innovapharm Ltd.
new biologically active chemical compounds


Innovapharm Ltd. is a privately held company for special scientific projects in the field of biologically active compounds.

We started our activity in 1993 as company IPECS Ukraine (daughter company of SPECS) and were re-organized to private company Innovapharm Ltd. in 2001


We offer the following services and products

  • Screening Compounds (0.01 – 1g)
  • Building Blocks for combinatorial chemistry (1g-1kg)
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Improving methods of synthesis
  • Scaffolds


Majority of our staff are Ph.D. and worked in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for a long time. Chemists usually have more than 10-20 years experience on heterocyclic and element organic chemistry.


Our main clients are: global intermediary companies, universities, pharmaceutical companies, agrochemical companies, research centers.

Innopvapharm Ltd. is a small and well-qualified team who is ready to complete the most sophisticated multi-step syntheses.


Compound Library offer dd. 21-OCT-2021 :

371175  Stock Screening Compounds

609902 Virtual Screening Compounds

30605 Stock Building Blocks

86643 Virtual Building Blocks

743 Scaffolds

21281 stock compounds (immediate delivery, Purity > 90%)

with discounted prices.


Compound Library offer dd. 11-JAN-2021 :

378486 Stock Screening Compounds

610733 Virtual Screening Compounds

32398 Stock Building Blocks

87677 Virtual Building Blocks

743 Scaffolds

21188 stock compounds (immediate delivery, Purity > 90%)

with special prices (cheaper than usual prices) for orders

starting from 10 compounds